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Our mission and goal:

Walk on a route designed by the best professionals to make the most of our resources and opportunities, to guarantee success for our clients, as well as, serve segments with high impact, community sustainability and corporate responsibility.


ARTAVIA&BARRANTES is a specialized Firm founded more than thirty years ago in the Costa Rican market. From its roots we have believed that the best asset is the best human team, that is why we have the best specialists in each aspect of law.

At its founding, it was also a relevant part of the Firm to give back to the community through advice and attention to PRO BONO cases.


Because we are proud to present ourselves as one of the most robust, specialized and successful Firms in the country. From our associates to our partners, they are people who have extensive knowledge in their area and we are here to help you.

Also, because the international rating agencies point to us as the best team.


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